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In light of the concerns surrounding the current COVID-19 pandemic, we at Oaksrest Vineyards Guest Farm believe that being pro-active is the responsible thing to do. We understand the seriousness of the matter and, as a result, we are taking all precautionary health and safety measures to safeguard both visitors as well as our loyal staff within the parameters of Government directives.

Given the nature of our industry, we interact in close proximity to our guests. Whilst our 4 Star Guest Farm has always maintained strict standards for hygiene and cleanliness, we have implemented additional precautionary measures to protect ourselves and our guests and patrons by:

  1. Greeting and welcoming our guests and patrons by acknowledging and appreciating your presence with a bow and a friendly smile (an interim policy of “no-handshake, no-physical contact” as preventative measure can save lives during this time)
  2. Wearing masks and gloves where necessary and sanitising throughout the processes of checking guests, handling luggage, completing documentation, serving patrons etc.
  3. Having hygiene stations throughout our properties, which will include hand soap and water, hand sanitizer with a minimum 60% alcohol content and/or sanitising hand wipes
  4. Regularly cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched objects and surfaces
  1. Using medical grade sanitising sprays on all our equipment and surfaces
  2. Clearly displaying instructional posters on how to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus
  3. Strictly limiting group sizes in accordance to Government announcements from time to time
  4. All cottages and farmhouse are self-contained and remote, with no shared living areas or interactions with any other guests or staff. There is self-check-in, and no need to visit or enter any shared buildings
  5. Should you have an essential services staff accommodation requirement or a leisure travel requirement, please contact us at for more information on rates and availability

Meanwhile, we are continuously assessing the situation and will keep our guests, clients and operators up to date through our social media platforms, our website as well as through personal correspondence.

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Four star grading
Oaksrest Vineyards is situated at the foothills of Towerkop in the Dwarsriver Valley near Ladismith and welcomes the tired soul of the traveling guest.
The unhurried pace of country life, splendor and natural beauty of the Klein Karoo, great hospitality and the crisp feel of fresh air will again invigorate and awaken the fire inside.

Oaksrest Vineyards is a working wine and table grape Guest Farm and is a versatile venue! It doesn’t only cater as accommodation, but is also a superb venue for different functions – from weddings, birthdays and reunions to seminars and year end functions.

The farm has played host to several successful School leadership, Youth camps, Artist Retreats, Motor Cycle and Cycle Tour groups and American Geology Field Camps.
The farm offers a choice of accommodation (Breakfast & Dinner on request and Self Catering) which caters for 1 person up to a group of 20 and a Campsite with 5 neatly lawned stands with all amenities with 5 star ablution facility.

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